Çift Kartal completes 2019 production capacity at IDMA

24 April 20192 min reading

Çift Kartal Milling Machines, accomplished great projects at IDMA Milling Machinery Exhibition held on 20-23 March 2019 at CNR Expo. The company announced that it has completed 2019 production planning with the agreements it has concluded. Cihangir Fikri Saatçioğlu, Vice Chairman of the Management Board of Çift Kartal Milling Machinery, made statements about the company’s recent activities. Expressing that they are exporting to 80 countries and have realized more than 500 flour mill projects worldwide, Saatçioğlu said that IDMA Exhibition was very successful for them. Stating that they had the opportunity to exhibit state of the art milling machinery and equipment of Çift Kartal which has always been one of the pioneer companies of its sector with its investments on know-how and R&D, Saatçioğlu said, “We have completed our production capacity until 2020 with full capacity. We can accept new orders only for 2020.” Saatçioğlu said that they moved the foreign trade, sales and project offices of the company of which production site is in Aksaray province to İstanbul-Maslak. Cihangir Saatçioğlu noted that 90 percent of their portfolio is composed of overseas customers and sales and project offices in Maslak will become more functional also for the customers abroad together with the new İstanbul Airport. Saatçioğlu added that Çift Kartal comes to the forefront in the industry as a company capable of producing all kinds of projects and machinery equipment for food factories.

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