Chipita invests in quality control made by Brabender

08 May 20181 min reading
ChipitaChipita S.A., a worldwide known manufacturer of premium bakery products, invested at five locations. Adding up to the already existing well-equipped laboratories, five Brabender Extensograph instruments in total were acquired in order to continue to produce high-class croissants and other baked products. Especially the production of croissants requires particular demands on flour quality. Being one of the utmost important recipe components, flour can now best tested and evaluated in the goods receiving in regards to optimum functionality. With the Brabender Extensograph, Chipita can determine the extensibility and resistance to extension of doughs. Thus, the company can easily draw conclusion about dough characteristics and bakery product volumes. With this investment, another step was made towards sustainable high-quality baked goods, which meet the highest expectations.
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