08 August 20182 min reading

China will be able to ensure the absolute stability of its grain ration and the sufficient supply of homegrown crops across the country by 2035, said a report issued by China Academy of Agricultural Society.


China is on the way to guaranteeing food security with grain self-sufficiency to be generally achieved by 2035, China Agricultural Industry Development Report predicts. According to the report released by The Chinese Academy of Agricultural Society, the overall food production, acreage and yields of China continues to grow as the country vigorously promotes supply-side structural reform in agriculture. It also proposes changes in agriculture such as establishing a market-oriented pricing system targeted at eliminating oversupply of some grains. The report notes that planting areas of crops like rice and wheat are declining due to policy adjustments in crop storage. It is estimated that the output of rice and wheat by 2035 will be 203m tons and 128m tons respectively. The output of animal and aquatic products will meanwhile continue to increase as China’s urbanisation trend persists into the future, the report predicts. However, the proportion of pork production will decline with China’s pork demand having hit a ceiling and sales falling for the past three years. By 2035, the self-sufficiency rate of pork will decrease to 94.78 percent, while the self-sufficiency rate of beef and dairy products will rise to 90.51 percent and 72.52 percent respectively. The report focused on the development of agricultural industry between 2020 and 2035 and provided references for decision-making and macro-control of the industry in the future. It also carried out special studies on 17 specific agricultural products.

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