Changing Grain Market Dynamics

30 April 20242 min reading

Miller Magazine’s May issue looks at the complex environment of the grain market, exploring the changing variables that shape its boundaries and the responses to its ongoing challenges. From insights from esteemed industry experts to analysis of market trends and projections, this edition offers a comprehensive exploration of the grain market’s future.

Highlighted within are contributions from leading voices in the field, including Dennis Voznesenski, Associate Director of Agricultural And Sustainable Economics at The Commonwealth Bank of Australia; Gürsel Erbap, Chairman and CEO of Doruk Un; Luiz Carlos Santos Jr., Associate Director at SA Commodities; and Jean-Patrick Caumont, Senior Account Executive at Eyssautier-Verlingue.

Dennis Voznesenski provides an insightful analysis of global wheat prices, explaining the factors influencing market volatility and offering valuable forecasts for the coming months. He forecasts a gradual rise in global wheat prices through Q2/Q3 2024, with limited upside due to continued flows of Black Sea wheat, South American corn, and the upcoming northern hemisphere winter wheat harvest. However, he expects a more pronounced price increase towards 2025.

Gürsel Erbap presents a broad overview of the global wheat outlook through 2024, highlighting the diverse challenges and opportunities facing the industry. Luiz Carlos Santos Jr. shines a spotlight on the global corn market, with a particular focus on the dynamics in Brazil, Argentina, and China. 

Meanwhile, Jean-Patrick Caumont will take us through the complex landscape of marine insurance, highlighting its critical role in safeguarding the global grain trade against a backdrop of geopolitical tensions and climate-related risks. His insights underscore the importance of robust insurance mechanisms to mitigate risk and ensure the resilience of global grain supply chains.

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