CESCO to attend Grain and Milling Expo in Casablanca

24 August 20231 min reading

CESCO EPC has announced its participation in the upcoming Grain and Milling Expo, scheduled to take place in Casablanca, Morocco, from October 4th to 5th. The event will serve as a platform where the company will showcase its latest innovations in the grain and milling sector. Those interested will have the opportunity to meet the CESCO team at booth 118 located in the main hall.

 The Grain and Milling Expo is an eagerly anticipated event that offers industry leaders and experts a unique opportunity to converge and share ideas. CESCO's presence at the event aims to facilitate the exchange of knowledge, establish connections, and explore cutting-edge trends in the field.

For those seeking to stay at the forefront of advancements in grain and milling, the Expo in Casablanca is a not-to-be-missed gathering. To arrange meetings or visits at CESCO's booth, interested parties can get in touch via the email address

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