CESCO CEO sheds light on modern silo design in IAOM MEA Forum

01 March 20242 min reading

Martino Celeghini, CEO of CESCO EPC GmbH, delivered an enlightening keynote address at the IAOM MEA Regional Milling Forum, offering invaluable insights into the intricate realm of silo design and construction within industrial storage plants. 

With a resolute focus on bolstering food security through the optimization of grain storage practices, Celeghini's presentation meticulously explored a spectrum of considerations spanning from soil assessment to the implementation of operational safety protocols.

From the outset, Celeghini underscored the indispensable role of grain storage in safeguarding food security, juxtaposing traditional methodologies, such as gunny bags in warehouses, with the robust solutions offered by modern storage facilities. He elucidated how the latter not only mitigate losses attributed to rodents, grain degradation, and pilferage but also proactively address overarching food security concerns.

Throughout the discourse, Celeghini dissected the pivotal factors influencing silo design, accentuating the imperative of comprehensive soil evaluation and stringent adherence to local regulations governing structural integrity. He emphasized the necessity of integrated plant design, elucidating how considerations spanning structural, architectural, and management domains constitute foundational pillars for investment success. Additionally, he expounded upon functional and operational design parameters, delving into nuances encompassing process flow optimization, product characteristics, and automation levels to ensure optimal performance.

Diverse typologies of silos, including raw material and process variants, were subject to thorough examination, with Celeghini delineating the respective advantages and trade-offs associated with different bottom designs in terms of capital outlay, loading efficiencies, and contamination risks.

Operational imperatives for safe storage underwent meticulous scrutiny, encompassing strategies such as FIFO management, routine monitoring regimes, efficacious cleaning protocols, and judicious pest control measures. Celeghini accentuated the paramount importance of maintaining optimal moisture levels, temperature regulation, and the implementation of robust monitoring systems to uphold material integrity and safety standards.

The culmination of Celeghini's presentation resonated with a compelling call-to-action for the adoption of integrated design paradigms that synergize silo infrastructure with steel structures, with the overarching goal of optimizing static cooperation, streamlining foundation design complexities, and curtailing extraneous costs.

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