Bunge opens a new wheat mill in Mexico

05 July 20182 min reading
Bunge opens a new state-of-the-art wheat mill in the southeast region of Mexico. “The location and design of this mill allow us to create a world-class operation with a strong local presence,” the company stated. 2-Who_we_are_hero   U.S. based agricultural trading group Bunge announced that it has opened its new wheat mill in the southeast region of Mexico. According to the announcement made by Bunge North America, the regional operating arm of Bunge Limited, the Del Mayab mill is located 20 kilometers from Puerto Progresso, a strategic location for serving key customers in southeast Mexico. This site provides logistical advantages since wheat brought in through the nearby port can easily be delivered to the mill and the flour produced can be efficiently exported to other countries in Latin America. The Del Mayab mill will serve the states of Yucatán, Campeche, Quintana Roo, Chiapas and Tabasco. This region is home to 10% of Mexico’s population and is growing faster than any other area of Mexico. The facility will sell flours in bulk and in bags to serve both large food companies and small bakeries. It employs nearly 50 workers. “This expansion of our footprint ensures that Bunge can continue to meet the needs of our customers with a reliable supply chain and the ability to produce high quality ingredients at a competitive cost. The location and design of this mill allow us to create a world-class operation with a strong local presence.” said Daniel Maldonado, managing director, Mexico. “Through our network of wheat mills in Mexico, Bunge has built a reputation for providing high quality products at competitive prices,” said Jennifer Uribe, commercial director. “We look forward to providing bakers and families in this region a high level of service and flours that produce breads that are richer, softer and fluffier – the trademarks of our brands, including Espiga®, Escudo Plus® and Villa Rica®.” she added.
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