Bulghur to be included in the UN aid package

09 October 20141 min reading
Bulghur producers will discuss the involvement of bulghur, which draws attention with its features such as being nutritious, being able to be stored for a long time without requiring special conditions and being prepared easily, in the aid packages with UN officials. Drawing attention with its nutritious value, endurance, being economic, being prepared easily and its taste; bulghur is about to be included in the UN aid packages. Believing that like rice, bulghur should be included in the aid packages; Pasta, Wheat, Pulses and Vegetable Oils Promotion Group (MBTG) member companies prepares to discuss this issue with United Nations (UN) officials. In the negotiations planned to be realized in Italy with UN Purchasing Commission officials, the advantages of bulghur will be underlined. Being the world’s largest bulghur exporter with 1 million tons of export amount annually; Turkey exports bulghur to many countries including mainly Iraq and Belgium, Syria, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Jordan and the UK. If UN includes bulghur in the aid packages, the number of the people to whom bulghur is delivered will reach to 100 million tons.
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