Bühler welcomed Parantez team in its headquarters in Uzwil

10 February 20161 min reading
The leader in grain processing industry, Bühler AG welcomed Parantez Fair General Manager Zübeyde Kavraz and Overseas Director M. Fethullah Akatay in its headquarters in Uzwil on 8 January 2016. h_74_5 Parantez Fair General Manager Zübeyde Kavraz and Overseas Director M. Fethullah Akatay visited Bühler AG, a global leader in grain processing technologies, on 8 January 2016. Head of Marketing Communications Isabel Maganto welcomed Kavraz and Akatay in Bühler’s headquarters. Presenting the manufacturing plant and fascinating works of Bühler, Maganto informed about Bühler’s grain and pulses processing technologies as well as its effective activities realized in various areas and other technologies.Stating at the end of her presentation that Bühler is proud of its Swiss roots and employees, Maganto added that as a family-owned company, Bühler feels particularly committed to sustainability. Bühler visit continued with the plant tour after a highly effective planning meeting where the two companies discussed the issues to strengthen the mutual relationship. Maganto showed Parantez team Bühler’s Grain Technology Center, The Bakery Innovation Center and the training centers giving information to Kavraz and Akatay about the centers.
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