Bühler takes pole position in global rice processing

15 March 20162 min reading
The Bühler Group is continuing to strengthen its leadership in rice processing, handling and storage capabilities. With dedicated local services and solutions, built on thorough regional knowledge, it is able to meet the exact needs of customers across the world. h_75_2 Bühler is well prepared to play a key role in processing these fast growing rice volumes: thanks to significant contract wins over the past 12 months, the company has taken the pole position in global industrialized rice processing, exceeding its closest competitor in terms of combined turnover in rice milling and logistics. Today, around 30 percent of the global rice harvest will be processed on systems from Bühler. This accomplishment is owed to Bühler’s commitment and success in delivering global expertise with local customer service and its ability to understand every step along the value chain. The company not only understands the raw material, but the individual drivers in the handling and production process - from receipt of freshly harvested paddy, all the way to the finished and packed rice. Bühler’s locally-based experts proactively support and advise customers in the decision making process, creating a real impact in reducing post-harvest losses. Detlef Blass, Head of Rice Processing Europe and Americas explains: “Paramount to Bühler’s success are the 80 plus sales and service centres around the world. They have a deep-rooted understanding of the issues affecting the markets they operate in and cement Bühler’s ability to adapt its technology and business model to the needs of processors in each area.”
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