Bühler sieve service - increase yield and food safety

13 July 20202 min reading
Luigi Ferrise Product Management Customer Service Bühler Switzerland

A sieve of a plansifter seems to be something trivial. A small piece of a puzzle with minor impact on the overall milling process. According to site observations this is not the case at all. Even minor deviations from the optimum tensioning can have a considerable impact on the bottom line.

Deviations of course go in both directions - with consequences. An over tensioned sieve is less flexible and might not operate in the most efficient way. Also it is prone to lose its tension faster. Observations have shown that already after three months of operation, the tension can be down to 55 % of the optimum value. Clearly this has an effect on plant efficiency.

If a sieve loosens its tension, the intermediate product can be guided to the wrong flour quality resulting in decrease of low ash flour extraction. In the said plant, this value dropped by 4%. Also overall yield was negatively affected.

Loose sieves have an impact on energy too as more pneumatic relifts for intermediary product are necessary. That in turn influences product moisture. A reduction of up to 0.8% in moisture content was detected over the inspection period.

Professional sieve service by Bühler

Regular and professional sieve service is essential for a profitable mill operation and also to safeguard sanitary conditions. This is what we offer in our service stations around the globe. After a thorough cleaning, the frames undergo a thermal treatment. In this process 99.9% of germs are removed. The NovaPrime polyamide cloth is conditioned in a climate chamber imitating temperature and humidity of a sifter. Only then it is fitted over the sieve frame which provides for optimum tensioning once in operation.

Our sieve & roll service stations around the world

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