Bühler expands rice processing footprint in Thailand with major contract with Siam Indica

05 August 20132 min reading
Thailand’s largest rice exporter Siam Indica Co. Limited has made an agreement with Bühler for the investment of rice processing machines over 100. As a global leader in rice processing and optical sorting solutions the Bühler Group announced a further strengthening of its commitment to the Thai rice industry with the announcement of a prestigious high value agreement with Siam Indica Co. Limited, the largest rice exporter in Thailand. The substantial investment by Siam Indica will see Bühler Thailand supply rice processing equipment totaling over 100 machines. Since its formation in 2004, Siam Indica has focused its business model on investing in the most advanced technology to achieve its corporate ambition of becoming the premier rice industry player in Thailand and South East Asia.. The close co-operation between Khun Sorawit Chansakulporn, Siam Indica’s director of production engineering, and Bühler Thailand’s chief technologist Dr. Ye Aung, supported by senior sales executive Chaiyut Khanom, were key to an agreement that will ensure maximum benefit for Siam Indica. “This new project markedly strengthens our industry references and reinforces our leading role in the rice processing industry. The agreement with Siam India Co. Limited demonstrates our commitment to help our customers develop state of the art processing solutions. It also shows we are confident about the growth of the rice processing market in South East Asia,” said Mark Ledson, Territory Manager for South East Asia at Buhler Thailand. Mr. Chansakulporn spoke of the development of his company relationship with Bühler in positive terms. “The close working relationship we developed with the Bühler team and their willingness to share their process knowledge ensured our factory upgrade, layout configurations and delivery time scale exceeded all of our expectations. We believe these upgrades will enhance our name in the international market and would like to recognize this in our future branding. We expect this will be the start of long lasting cooperation with Bühler to support the further development of our new projects and contribute to the growth of our company.”
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