Buhler empowers pulses processors with 150-year experience

09 September 20143 min reading
Pulses processors benefit from over 150 years of Buhler’s expertise and experience to improve their productivity and yield. The Buhler Group, a global leader in food processing and optical sorting solutions, continues to underpin excellence in the treatment of pulses by offering cutting edge technology at every stage of the production process, from pre-cleaning, cleaning, grading, hulling, drying and splitting, through to optical sorting, polishing and final bulk packing, for the world’s vast array of pulse products. Specializing in turnkey as well as individual solutions, Buhler represents the perfect technology partner for pulse processors everywhere. Buhler’s dedicated pulse processing equipment has been developed to handle all types of pulses. The state-of-the-art technology overcomes the various adhesive forces within the grain, with minimum loss of the endosperm and produces the optimum in finished product yield and quality. Each individual component of Buhler’s complete pulse processing line offering, such as Buhler’s Pulsroll AIHI, which gives exceptional hulling performance with minimum loss of cotyledon with skin, is designed to operate with lower energy consumption and easier, smoother operation. For the drying of incoming raw materials, or for pulses at other stages in the intricate pulse production process, Buhler designed its Pulse Dryer, to give uniform and consistent drying performance. As a stand-alone piece of equipment or as part of Buhler’s turnkey solution, the Pulse Dryer consistently delivers efficiency, yield and final end-product quality. As pulse quality is often defined by appearance and by the absence of foreign material, Buhler has perfected a range of equipment to support this. The Buhler Destoner ensures the removal of even the smallest of stones from incoming material, while the Buhler Gravomat Density Grader machine can be fed with 10 tons of product per hour and separate out 85% of the input into valuable grain. For the ultimate in peace of mind, the Buhler SORTEX optical sorting solutions remove even the most subtle light and dark color defects, spots, damaged or blemished grains and foreign materials. Buhler expresses the following on its written statement on the subject: “Understanding evolving customer and market requirements is a key factor and Buhler’s experience with these extends far beyond the pulse industry. Knowledge of the intricacies involved in each stage of handling processes, not only for pulses but for sesame, spices, rice and more, coupled with the versatility of solutions Buhler can offer, support a wide range of processors in their bid to increase yield and ensure a more profitable product, clean and free from foreign material, time and time again.”
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