Breaking, Grinding and Reduction Process

02 November 20161 min reading

Today, the primary demand of millers is to process grains efficiently into flour while keeping energy consumption of milling machines at minimum level as soon as possible and operating with high productivity at the same time. This motivates milling machinery producers to dive in R&D more and more.

kapak_dosyasi_1Processes like breaking, cutting, grinding the wheat and reduction are the basic functions of a grinding unit included in a mill. Both the increasing demand for bread and bakery products, and limited raw material sources along with the fact that wheat undergoes the most efficient breaking and grinding processes due to the demand for maximum efficiency in flour plants have become more and more significant for us. Of course, bread and bakery products manufacturers’ or consumers’ expectation about flour quality is another significant issue at this point. For these, the most important process to consider in a mill is, of course, milling. Many factors such as technology used in milling process, operation methods and machine/equipment adjustment have a key role both on the quality of final product and efficiency. This month’s guests will inform us about milling process.  

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