Bread is made of Siyez that is the oldest wheat of the history

04 March 20141 min reading
It is stated that Siyez wheat, which is grown in Seydiler, Ihsangazi and Devrekani districts of Kastamonu, is the world’s genetically first wheat variety with 14 chromosomes. Siyez wheat whose history dates back nearly 10 thousand years and that is grown in mountainous terrains, is accepted as the ancestor of today’s wheat. However; with a different structure than durum and bread wheat, siyez wheat’s cultivation area is being reduced each passing day due to its low yield and husky structure. Telling that siyez wheat is an agricultural product whose production has been continuing in Ihsangazi for 10 thousand years without any change on its genetics, district governor Ahmet Baser said that this variety has a significant share in Turkey and world organic market. Using siyez wheat mostly for bulghur production, District Governorate used that variety in bread making for the first time for the purpose of promotion. Ihsangazi governor Baser said the following for siyez bread: “The bread made of siyez wheat would be tasted for the first time this year. We think that it will have an important share in terms of organic food as its fiber content is significantly high.”
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