Bangladesh to expand grain storage capacity

10 July 20232 min reading
The relentless pursuit of efficient food grain storage has taken center stage in Bangladesh as Food Minister Sadhan Chandra Majumder reveals plans to boost the country’s storage capacity to a staggering 3.5 million metric tonnes.

With the current storage capacity capped at 2.18 million metric tonnes, Majumder emphasized the urgent need for expansion. Presently, the nation grapples with over 2 million metric tonnes of food grains in stock, leaving no room for further storage. The minister shared his concerns during a press conference following the inauguration ceremony of a new local storage depot in Naogaon.

To combat this pressing issue, the government is diligently working on the construction of eight cutting-edge steel silos throughout the country. These state-of-the-art silos, almost near completion, will provide an additional storage capacity of 650,000 metric tonnes. Furthermore, the government has granted approval for the construction of 200 paddy silos, each capable of holding 5,000 metric tonnes, with 30 of them already receiving the green light.

The implementation of paddy silos serves as a crucial measure, offering a silver lining for farmers who deliver wet paddy. With these silos in place, there will be a viable opportunity to store such produce, allowing the wet rice to naturally dry within the silos. Consequently, farmers will no longer face the disheartening rejection of their crops due to excessive moisture content.

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