Algeria halts imports of 24 products

13 September 20172 min reading

Algeria has decided to halt imports of 24 products, including food items and plastic exporters, who consider a ban on imports of 24 products via banking channels as “non-tariff”, are seeking alternative means to access the market.

cezayirAlgeria has banned imports of 24 products, including bread, water, pasta, chocolate, plastics and furniture, via banking channels. Exports to Algeria are expected to stop due to the ban. Exporters commenting on the decision believe that the arbitrary action will damage the Turkish exporters. Exporters discussed the decision with the officials and industrialists, and have found out that the next step will be a quota application.

“WE WILL FIND ALTERNATIVE CHANNELS” Zekeriya Mete, Chairman of the Istanbul Association of Exporters of Grains, Pulses, Oil Seeds and Products, said the decision had been anticipated for some time. Mete stated the Ministry of Economy was aware of the decision, and said: “The decision is an action against Turkey. This is a covert attack against our markets in the Middle East. Our exports to Algeria had increased in the first half of the year, as compared to last year. It seems that they will have decreased by the end of the year, as compared to last year. It is basically a political case. There have been such actions in the last 5-6 months. We are a smart nation. Our goods will access to those markets one way or another. We will find alternative channels. “THE DECISION IS NOT FEASIBLE” İlknur Menlik, Secretary-General of Turkish Federation of Associations in Food and Beverage Industry (TGDF) also commented on the subject. Menlik said, “This decision, which causes problems in foreign trade in today’s world, will have an adverse effect on all exporting industries, including the food industry. We hope they step back from this decision, which will not benefit Algeria, as well.”

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