Alapros commissions 3rd barley semolina mill in Morocco

08 November 20212 min reading

Alapros, which is among the companies leading the milling machinery sector with its investments in R&D and technology, continues its way with successful projects completed in many countries of the world. The company recently established a modern barley semolina production facility in Morocco for Les Grands Moulins Zine (LGMZ), owned by Zine Capital Invest, one of the largest publicly-traded companies in the country.

Alapros, one of the leading companies in the milling industry, has built a modern barley processing plant in Morocco, where cereal products play a very important role in the nutrition of the people. The facility opened in Casablanca, Morocco's second-largest city and the center of the country's economy. The plant was founded on behalf of Les Grands Moulins Zine (LGMZ), one of Morocco's most important flour producers with a population of 37 million. 

Providing information about the completed project, Alapros Chairman Mehmet Alapala stated that they were happy to provide a modern facility to Casablanca, the largest city in the Moorish region and one of the most economically and demographically important centers of the African continent. He said the facility would provide LGMZ with a high profitability and efficiency advantage in Morocco, which has one of the highest per capita grain consumption in the world. Mehmet Alapala, who pointed out that flour industrialists are very fastidious about investment in Morocco where the people demand high-quality flour, stated that LGMZ, owned by Zine Capital Invest, one of the largest companies traded on the country's stock exchange, preferred Alapros brand thanks to the high-quality service offered by Alapros. 

Alapros, which manufactures at its modern factory in Corum complying with Industry 4.0, provides services in the fields of machine and equipment manufacturing, design, diagram, automation and complete turnkey plant establishment for integrated plants in the milling sector.

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