Alapala has completed the construction of the flour mill in Sudan

08 January 20141 min reading
Alapala announced that the company has completed the construction of the flour mill of El-Hamama Flour Mills with 700 tons of production capacity. El-Hamama Flour Mills that is owned by Ahmed Eltigani, A. Musa and Mohammed Yousif Musa made an agreement with Alapala to supply plant machinery and technology for their new 700 ton per 24 hour Flour mill. Being one of the largest single mill in Sudan, the equipment of this new plant will be supplied by Alapala under this contract. Designing of concrete building, designing the diagram of the milling section, engineering the design of the flour-milling plant, assembly and start-up are among the tasks undertaken by Alapala. The flour mill’s being completely automated minimizes the quantity of the staff. Commenting on the project, Alapala’s sales director Bora Gokdeniz said “Our brief was to build not only one of the most modern mill in Sudan but also one of the most flexible.” The flour-milling plant completely renewed and modernized by Alapala Machine Industry & Trade Inc. with the new generation milling equipment. The plant has now been operating and is able to deliver a continuous supply of top quality flour for the Sudan market.
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