AGI Live to gather international experts from across the globe

22 March 20212 min reading

AGI Live returns on April 7-8 this year with a focus on AGI’s international operations. In less than a month, AGI will gather international experts from across the globe for a two-day event showcasing AGI’s innovative products and services including: Farm, Commercial, Fertilizer and Rice Milling.

AGI Live Attendees are invited to go behind the scenes to get a better understanding of AGI’s products and services. AGI customers and partners will be featured to share their experience of working with AGI during interviews and panel discussions. The informative webinar series will feature content from AGI’s six international regions, Asia-Pacific (APAC), Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA), India, Brazil, Latin America and North America. The series guides attendees through these regions, presenting content across global time zones. Presenting languages include English, Portuguese, Spanish. The full agenda for the event is available on the registration page, and additional content is added every week. In an era defined by distance, AGI Live emphasizes connection between customers around the globe. AGI team members will all be available to answer your questions through one-to-one chat or video call, and answer questions in webinar Q&A’s. Attendees call AGI Live, inspiring and informative – delivering great content throughout the event. To register for the event, visit
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