AGA Partners offers free webinar on the Ukrainian commodities market

11 April 20223 min reading

AGA Partners, a Kyiv-based law firm, offers a free online seminar to discuss the impact of the Russian-Ukrainian war on the execution of GAFTA contracts.

Russia’s recent military action in Ukraine increased the uncertainty of grain markets globally. AGA Partners, a Kyiv-based law firm with over 15 years of experience in commodities trade, offers a free online seminar to discuss the impact of the Russian-Ukrainian war on the execution of GAFTA contracts. During the event, AGA Partners will share recent experience in handling the most challenging cases and overview the latest developments in the Ukrainian commodities market. The event is planned for 14 April 2022.

Here are the details about the seminar:

· How does the war influence contract performance?  

· What is the situation at the Ukrainian ports?  

· What are the latest developments in commodities exported from Ukraine?  

· How does the prevention of shipment clause operate? 

· How should force majeure and war risk clauses be invoked? 

· Does your counterparty have a right to cancel the contract? 

AGA Partners will answer all these and many other questions at the seminar organized exclusively for Turkish companies operating in the Black Sea region. 

Date: 14 April 2022, 10:00-13:00 (Turkish time) 

Platform: Zoom, the link will be sent via email upon registration  

You can join the webinar to get practical insights on the following matters:  

1. Latest update regarding the Ukrainian commodities market. 

2. Export restrictions: consequences and recommendations. 

3. Prevention of shipment, force majeure and war risk clauses in contracts: details matter! 

4. Real-time case study. 

5. Recommendations on how to mitigate the risks arising from the Russian-Ukrainian war. 


Ivan Kasynyuk, Partner at AGA Partners

 Leading lawyer in dispute resolution recognized by global legal rankings (Chamber and Partners, The Legal 500). Ivan specializes in commodities trade and international arbitration at GAFTA, FOSFA and LMAA. Due to his extensive knowledge of English law and peculiarities of commodities trade, Ivan is regularly involved in English court proceedings as an expert.

Iryna Moroz, Partner at AGA Partners

 A recognized expert in the field of international arbitration, international trade and litigation (according to Best Lawyers, The Legal 500). 

Iryna Moroz has a unique experience in advising clients on all aspects of export contracts execution and international cargo transportation. Iryna’s extensive expertise in dispute resolution includes complex commercial arbitrations at major arbitral institutions (ICC, SCC, LCIA etc), as well as trade and maritime disputes at GAFTA, FOSFA, LMAA and RSA.

 Lebediev Pavlo, Associate with AGA Partners 

Pavlo specializes in international commercial arbitration, international trade and cross-border litigation. His experience includes multiple arbitration disputes at GAFTA and FOSFA concerning force majeure and the prevention of shipment. He handles the contracts of the largest companies in the Black Sea region. In 2021, the Ukrainian Bar Association has nominated Pavlo for the Best Young Lawyer Award.

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