7 million-dollar investment from Horizon Milling

08 May 20141 min reading
Horizon Milling plans to make 7 million-dollar investment for the flour mill at Port of Albany in order to increase food safety, decrease production time. Horizon Milling prepares to make investment in the flour mill at USA’s Port of Albany. According to the news of Krystle S. Morey from Albany Business Review; Horizon Milling is investing $7 million to upgrade equipment at its Port of Albany production center. With this investment it is expected to increase food safety and revenue and decrease production time. The company is a subsidiary of Cargill, a global food producer that focuses on the agricultural, financial and industrial sectors. Horizon, which is located in Albany on the Hudson River, ships 2 million pounds (approximately 1000 tons) of flour out of the Port of Albany each day. Its clients include bakeries, restaurants and distributors. A new packaging line, a 10-spout stainless steel packer, a storage tower and ventilation are all part of Cargill's plan to revamp its food production mills across the country. Horizon is one of 22 flour mills operated by Cargill. With increased demand for custom flours and more stringent regulations for food safety, Horizon needed to revamp its 1980s equipment and processes.
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