5 new instruments and software from Brabender

05 August 20161 min reading

During a trade show organized in Munich, the Brabender Company introduced five new instruments and software solutions. During a trade show organized in Munich, the Brabender Company introduced five new instruments and software solutions which are web-based Brabender Meta- Bridge software, Brabender MetaBridge Controller MBC, Brabender Farinograph-TS, Brabender MT-CA and Brabender Quadrumat Junior. bree The new web-based Brabender MetaBridge software enables a cross-platform and location-independent monitoring of your measurements. The user administration function of the equipment allows several users to access the MetaBridge and the particular measurement readings simultaneously. The recently developed Brabender MetaBridge Controller MBC enables operating up to four instruments simultaneously whilst making the benefits of the new MetaBridge software available for instruments and users. The new Brabender Farinograph-TS enables the flexible and easy yet standards-compliant qualification of flour. The Brabender MT-CA enables location and platform-independent monitoring of moisture measurement. Also the Brabender Quadrumat Junior is a universal laboratory roller mill for milling wheat, spelt, rye, barley and rice. In one passage, the multi-stage grinding process produces laboratory flours that are almost equivalent to commercially produced flour in terms of ash content, yield and baking quality.

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