3M Kayış: We are the most dynamic company in the industry

08 December 20219 min reading

“I think we are unrivaled in our field in Turkey. We are the most dynamic company in our industry. We have a respected, solid, and reliable position in the international sector.”

Muammer KÜRKÇÜ
3M Kayış

Power transmission elements are indispensable for almost all industries, including grain processing industry. The parts required to keep in operation the giant investments, turnkey facilities, and latest technology machines, which are the backbone of agricultural production, need to be recognized and their importance must be understood. Belts, which are also used to reduce speed, reduce impact effects, and balance overloads are divided into three as flat belts, V-belts, and gear belts. Observance of the optimum tension and storage conditions increases the service life and efficiency of the belts in every aspect.

During my conversation with Muammer Kürkçü, Chairman of the Board of 3M Kayış, I had the opportunity to talk about the importance and features of power transmission products, especially belts and chains. Expressing that they sell power and motion transmission products in Turkey and the world with 35 years of experience, Kürkçü is quite assertive about the presence of the company in the sector. Highlighting that they are the leading company of the sector, Muammer Kürkçü said, "I think we are unrivaled in our field in Turkey."

The experienced businessman draws attention to the fact that they became the distributor of Optibelt, the leading company of the industry in the international arena, in 2014, and that in 2017, they incorporated the Time Power and Handerbelt brands into its structure, and they continuously expanded their product portfolio. Kürkçü, who also touches on current issues, says that the pandemic did not have any negative impact on sales and growth figures. He sees this situation as the biggest sign that their breakthroughs in both profitability and turnover will continue.

The answers given by Muammer Kürkçü, Chairman of the Board of 3M Kayış, to our questions are as follows:

Can you tell us the story of your company's establishment? In what year and by whom was 3M Kayış founded? What vision did you set out with?

Our adventure started with KYS Power Transmission Parts, which now became a brand in many countries of the world, especially in Europe, with its 35 years of experience in power transmission products. In 2014, 3M Kayış Dış Tic. San. Ltd. Şti.  was established as we got the Turkey distributorship of the world's leading brand Optibelt GmbH. As 3M Kayış, we are a sister company with KYS, which is the leader in the power transmission sector, and we serve our customers within the same structure.

With its industry experience and expert technical staff, 3M Kayış Dış Tic. San. Ltd. Şti. offers power and motion transmission products for industrial applications, primarily for milling machine manufacturers and flour factories, both in Turkey and abroad.

We, at 3M Kayış, keep quality and trust at the forefront in all sectors we serve and increase our product portfolio day by day by growing rapidly thanks to the support of our customers. We also attach great importance to the training of our technical team to offer different and fast solutions to meet the wishes and demands of each of our customers.


Can you give information about your product range? Which product do you mainly produce? 

At 3M Kayış, we offer both high performance and high-quality products to our customers with our distributorship of Optibelt, a world brand in belts and powertrains. We keep quality and trust at the forefront in every sector we serve and increase our product portfolio day by day by growing rapidly thanks to the support of our customers. In order to meet the requests and demands of our customers and to offer different and fast solutions, we have incorporated Time Power and Handerbelt brands in 2017. At this point, our company has become a sought-after brand.

In addition, we provide services in the supply of spare parts needed in many industrial applications, especially in the milling sector.

Could you give information to our readers about belts and their types?

A belt is an elastic material that transmits power from one pulley to another. Belts play a major role in meeting the increasing maintenance and costs, increasing the efficiency in the business and reducing the expenses. Belts are also a power transmission element used to reduce speed and impact effects and balance overloads.

The types of belts are as follows;

• Flat Belts

• V-Belts

• Gear (timing-trigger) Belts.

1- Flat Belts

The belt is wound around the pulley in two types: straight and crossed. In straight winding, two pulleys rotate in the same directions. In the crossed belt, they rotate in the opposite direction.

2- V-Belts

V-Belts are used for short distances as opposed to flat belts. Large friction forces occur in the transmission with the V-belt. When the belt is seated in the grooves on the pulley, the slip of the belt on the pulley is less.

3- Gear (Trigger) Belts

Timing belts have teeth on them. That's why they are called gear belts. These teeth pass into the grooves opened on the pulley. There is no slip problem, it has a long life and is resistant to wear.


What would you like to say about the problems with the belts and how to solve them?

If these power transmission products are not properly assembled on site, the desired efficiency cannot be obtained. A suitable belt has to be selected with an optimum tension adjustment, the products must be given the necessary support during maintenance and cleaned from dust and dirt. The most important issue for the lifetime of the belt is the operating conditions such as oil resistance, acid resistance, water resistance, temperature resistance, and alkali resistance. You must keep the belts safe from dirty environment and wiping.

In case of a problem with belts, all the belts in a pulley should be replaced. Brand new belts should not be run together with the old ones. In addition, belts of different brands should not be used at the same point.

If the belt is too tight on the pulley, it will deteriorate the bearings over time and cause the motor to draw too much current and therefore the energy it draws is high. On the other hand, low tension causes skidding and belt breakage due to high temperature. 

Screwdrivers, chisels, crowbars, sticks, etc. should not be used while changing the belts. The correct way of changing is to remove the belts from the gap formed when moving it from one pulley to another.

I would also like to talk about storage in a nutshell. The belts should be stored in places that are free of moisture, away from sunlight, and where the temperature is stable. They should be stored after being attached to hooks and stretched. Long belts should be stored without being folded too much. We need to know that the storage period under suitable conditions is a maximum of 5 years.


What would you say about your position in the domestic and international market and your targets in the short- and medium-term?

We are the leading company in the domestic milling machine manufacturers, flour factories, as well as being the leading company of the sector. I think we are unrivaled in our field in Turkey. We provide services in many sectors and many countries abroad, particularly in the Middle East. To put it in a nutshell, we are the most dynamic company in our industry. We have a respected, solid, and reliable position in the international sector.

What investments are you planning in the near future?

After our investments in molds and machinery, we are beginning production of all coupling types in the second quarter of 2022 together with the Time Power brand.


What is your position in the face of rapidly developing technology? Can you evaluate the future of the belt industry in the context of technological innovations?

As a supplier company, we are constantly improving ourselves in order to respond to any need that may arise in the face of developing technology. We continue our research and we are growing our team in this direction.

The Optibelt brand, of which we are currently the distributor, meets all kinds of needs that may arise in power transmission elements with the developing technology before its competitors in the sector. Therefore, when we look to the future of the belt industry in the context of technological innovations, we can foresee that we will continue to maintain our business in a pioneering position.

How can you list the reasons why your customers prefer you? What advice would you like to give your customers on belt selection?

What makes us stand out is honesty, our ability to find high-quality products instantly, constant strong product stock, trouble-free products, trouble-free shipping.

Our priority is to always offer our customers the right product in line with their needs. In addition, because we have a wide product range, offer high-performance and high-quality products at the most affordable price as a result of extensive research, provide fast feedback, after-sales services and our team that always provides solution-oriented technical service are among the reasons for customer preference.

Belt selection should be made according to the profile of the pulley to be used, operating conditions (speed, spin, load, etc.), and feedback coming from the industry. In line with these parameters, maximum belt life will be achieved by operating the preferred belt at the correct tension.


Has the industry managed to turn back to the pre-pandemic conditions in production and supply? How do you evaluate the coming process?

Well, since we have a growing supply network every day, an assessment like before and after the pandemic would not fit us. In fact, if we make a comparison, we can say that we have achieved an increasing momentum in the last 2 years. Considering that we haven't been adversely affected during the pandemic process, we will continue to serve in the same direction in the coming years.

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