2016 is declared as “International Year of Pulses”

09 January 20142 min reading
The United Nations (UN) Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) declared 2016 as “International Year of Pulses” by accepting the Minister Eker’s proposal. Food, Agriculture and Livestock Minister M. Mehdi Eker proposed the declaration of 2016 as the year of pulses at the commission meeting of The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization in June 2013. Repeating this proposal on his letter to Secretary General of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization Hose Graziano Da Silva, Minister Eker notified that Turkey can host any event related with this subject. The proposal of Minister Eker was accepted at general assembly of the United Nations. According to that; there will be many events related with pulses in Turkey in 2016. Within international year of pulses; studies on the development of new varieties of pulses, increasing the production and usage of the certified seeds of these varieties by farmers, increasing the production and export of pulses will be accelerated. IT WILL INCREASE THE AWARENESS OF PULSES Making a statement to the press on the subject; The Pasta, Bulgur, Pulses and Vegetable Oils Promotion Group Chairman Ahmet Tiryakioglu thinks that it will increase the awareness of pulses. Tiryakioglu said: “Beans, lentils, peas and chickpeas have been the cornerstones of the nutrition for centuries. Declaration of 2016 as the year of pulses by UN will provide an important role for pulses on health and nutrition by increasing the awareness of pulses. Besides, it will help ensuring food security and environmental sustainability.”
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