2 mill installations from Ugur Grup in Sudan

08 January 20142 min reading
As one of the two mills established by Ugur Grup in Sudan, Seen Flour Mills started production. The installation of Gena Modern Flour Mills is still continuing. Providing information on the 2 flour mills established in Sudan, Ugur Grup announced that the installation of Seen Flour Mills was completed and the production started and the construction and mechanical works of Gena Modern Flour Mills is continuing in full swing. IT HAS BEEN COMPLETED IN 6 MONTHS As one of the leading companies in the flour industry of Sudan, the production facility of Seen Flour Mills with 552 ton/day wheat processing and 170 ton/hour packaging capacity is completed and taken into operation by Ugur Grup in a short period of 6 months. Increasing its production capacity to 1500 ton/day with this facility, Seen Grup aims to double or triple this capacity in the coming years. THE HIGHEST CAPACITY BUILT AT ONE TIME IN SUDAN Belonging to Gena Modern Flour Mills, the facility is the flour mill built at one time with the highest capacity in Sudan. The construction and mechanical works of the mill is continuing in full swing. The turnkey of the flour mill established at one time with 1.800 ton/day capacity and the steel silo with 60.000 thousand-ton capacity is made by Bereketli Ugur Makine under Ugur Grup. Installing many turnkey flour mills for its customers simultaneously, Ugur Grup stated that Ugur Grup is always preferred with its proper project applications, quality and being a rapid solution partner and as group they move their service quality to higher levels each passing day.
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