10,1 % decrease in Turkey’s grain production

06 June 20141 min reading
Turkish Statistical Institute (TUIK) estimated on its 1st  Crop Production Forecast dated as 22 May 2014 that grain production in Turkey will decrease 10,1% compared to the previous year. Turkish Statistical Institute (TUIK) released its first crop production forecast for 2014/15 season on 22 May. TUIK estimates that the production in grain products will decrease 10,1% compared to the previous year. Estimating that Turkey’s grain production will be approximately 33,7 million tons in 2014, TUIK forecasts decrease in all grain products. According to TUIK; wheat production will decrease to approximately 19,8 million tons by declining 10,4%, barley production will decrease to 6,9 million tons by declining 12,7%, paddy rice production will decrease to 890 thousand tons by declining 1,1% and grain corn production will decrease to 5,5 million tons by declining 6,8% compared to the previous year.Projecting that chickpea as one of the important products of legumes will decrease to 450 thousand tons by declining 11,1%, TUIK expects increase in the production of red lentil and oil seeds. Forecasting that lentil will reach to 400 thousand tons by increasing 1,3%, TUIK estimates that the production of sunflower from the oil seeds will reach to 1,6 million tons by increasing 6,6%.
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