“We are working strongly to expand our presence in the United States”

07 February 20184 min reading

“We are located in South America. Therefore, Sangati Berga has a very strong presence in all Latin America including Mexico. And now we are working strongly to expand our presence in North America. The United States is a good and important market for us.  We expect to be very successful in the that market”. 

Ricardo PEREIRA - Sangati Berga, CEORicardo pereira

Sangati Berga S.A. is one of the leading companies in the milling industry. The Brazilian company has expertise in developing solutions for the transformation of cereals in food, projecting and manufacturing machinery, equipment, and facilities with a high-quality standard. It offers the customers a complete industrial plant service, including the technological project, production layouts, equipment technical features, milling diagrams, product shipping cycle and dusting off and automation project.

Sangati Berga was founded in July 1992, with a productive unity in the city of Fortaleza. In a short period of time, it has become consolidated its presence in Brazil and whole Latin America. Realizing important projects in Brazil and over 30 countries, the company is the market and technological leader in milling equipment in Brazil. Now the company aims to continue its success in North America, visioning to become the best provider of machinery, equipment, and facilities for grains processing in North, Central, and South America.

Ricardo Pereira, CEO of Sangati Berga, give information about his company, their vision and future plans to Miller Magazine. Emphasising Brazillian characteristic of the company, “Sangati Berga is one the best well-known companies in the milling industry. Sangati Berga is a 100% Brazilian company, focused on complete turn-key solutions and installations for the milling sector, mainly wheat, rice, and corn milling”, he said.

The milling technology provided by Sangati Berga is manufactured in the city of Fortaleza, Brazil. The plant gathers modern facilities within 18,000m² built on an area of 33.000m², where advanced technology resources are applied including the use of robotics and high precision laser machinery. “We have over 300 personals in our factory,” said Mr. Pereira. He said they export to more than 30 countries. “We have representatives in many countries. Sales can be conducted through these representatives in their respective countries. In other countries, our commercial office makes direct contact with the customers for sales assistance”. Sangati Berga CEO, who has nearly 40-years experience in the milling industry, puts emphasis on their quality. “There are many companies in the milling machinery industry but what makes us different from many other companies is our quality. Developing equipment with high-quality parameters has always been a top priority for Sangati Berga, our clients search for excellence and confiability in their installations, this is why we are committed to being constantly improving our equipment, services, and after-sales services to the highest levels available in the market.”

Giving details about the after-sales services Mr. Pereira stated, “This topic is of extreme importance. We have representatives in many countries who were trained in our factory in Brazil and are able to do after sales services and direct assistance for the clients. If something is necessary to be managed by our factory engineers directly, we immediately provide on-site or remote support. We have an experienced technical assistance team ready to support the client with any problems or questions regarding the equipment or installations. Our customers are fully pleased with our after-sales services.”

Speaking about their powerful markets, Mr. Pereira said, “We are located in South America. Therefore, Sangati Berga has a very strong presence in all Latin America including Mexico. And now we are working to expand our presence in North America. The United States is a good and important market for us. We have also important clients in Africa, especially in East Africa. We also have a good position in Maghreb region.”

Sangati Berga wants to build a strong presence in North America. Their objective is to extend their journey of success to North America. In that regard, Brazillian CEO said, “In fact, we began to increase our marketing efforts in the USA last year. We consider the region to be of extreme importance, mainly because clients in the United States are always seeking for high-quality machinery in addition to exceptional sanitation and safety concepts, which is something that aligns perfectly to the characteristics and philosophy that Sangati Berga is continuously pursuing when developing and improving its equipment, considering this, we expect to be very successful in the North American market”.

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