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“Controlling stock amount, raw material costs, staff number, cost of used credits, marketing of flour which is the final product produced, making necessary market researches, expense control and assignments can be considered as sensitive and important concepts which are the must and need attention in the plant management.”


Emin YER General Coordinator Acar Milling Upon turning stone mills into the modern machinery due to time and technology, enterprises adopting this development have started to produce at higher capacities. In consideration of advancing technology, continuation of quality and capacity level in production in accordance with certain standards due to mechanization served the right to say “I am also in” to the enterprises on a silver platter in globalizing world. Since adventure in increased production volume and branding leads to certain responsibilities, plant management including various concepts arises as an important point. Aim of plant management is to maintain functioning of production process regularly at certain standards without a hitch.

MODERN PLANTS, MODERN MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS In management of modern plants, many technologies are utilized. An employer can track the production status and stock amount in his/her factory while sitting at the pool side and drinking juice thanks to the application downloaded on his/her cell phone, and make certain interventions here, if needed.

In today’s flour mills, systems such as sensors placed on flow pipes, cycle, temperature and level sensors on the machinery and silos are some of the main technological systems providing sustainability of the production in a controlled way.

Level and temperature control sensors in the silo not only ensure storing wheat stocked for a certain period of time without losing structural features, but also provides opportunities for storing in adequate amount for the silo capacity.

Cycle, temperature and oil sensors on machinery inform users constantly about current status of the machinery through connected computer and notifies any failure or malfunction through sound warnings. Utilizing these and similar technologies is an efficient way for more homogeneous and healthy functioning of production.


Controlling stock amount, raw material costs, personnel number, cost of used credits, marketing of flour which is the final product produced, making necessary market researches, expense control and assignments can be considered as sensitive and important concepts which are the must and need attention in the plant management.

In addition, for controlling, auditing and repairing machinery increasing day by day depending on increased production volume, employees should be hired. It should always be noted that human-made machine may break down and should be controlled in terms of functionality from time to time. For example;

- destoner may not separate stone in wheat coming from silo at minimum level,

- radial scanner may not produce enough power to separate foreign light particles,

- peeler may not peel shell on wheat at maximum level,

- compressor may not produce air in adequate bar,

- aspirator may not provide adequate air suction,

- increased excessive amount of ash due to sending wheat broken by rolls to rebreaking process and

- square plansifter may become insufficient to make classification in desired quality. Many malfunctions like those are some of the situations that personnel may become aware and intervene.

However, adequate number of personnel ensures consistency in fixed costs of the enterprise, and idle personnel will constitute a financial charge on the enterprise. Since this charge will continue by increasing in time, financial problems will become unpreventable.

Another important matter in plant management is raw material. Against price differences in the wheat market, endurance of respective enterprise are directly proportional to the competition power in the market. Therefore, supply of raw materials with minimal prices in certain periods is highly important to enterprise. Supply of raw materials required to form flour which is the main product with minimal prices both contributes to reduction in unit costs and supports profit growth.

A GOOD FINANCING ANALYSIS AND RIGHT CHOICES Current enterprises seek for resource due to inadequacy arising cyclically in stockholder’s equities. One of today’s closest accessible resources is bank loans. Bank loans may affect future of enterprises positively, and have the power to affect the same in a very negative way. Loans demanded depending on current sales volume and projected sales volume should be evaluated before use in terms of utility analysis. In other words, difference and benefit between interest applied to loans and advantage of this resource should be precisely calculated and discussed in detail. We many times witness that most of enterprises are exposed to financial problems because they are not sensitive to these and similar analysis.

A MUST IN EFFECTIVE MANAGEMENT: “RIGHT MANAGER” Positional confusion and imperative conflicts between executives and junior administrative officers are other important concepts to be handled carefully in plant management. In advancing world, traditional management techniques are giving their places to techniques of which skills have been scientifically proven in time. The thought “Only I Know” has given its place to exchanging idea. Environment and plant required to perform duties and authorities should be under the responsibility of manager. Pressure environment should be prevented for managers to perform their duties with a certain discipline and authority to use opinion should be granted if needed. Questioning authorities and duties given to managers should be made within certain periods of time. Style and form of questioning should be given care. A manager who is specialist in his/her field is required for the company to show positive image and to ensure managerial control.

IMPORTANCE OF MARKETING AND RIGHT MARKETING Marketing is an important concept which is non-negligible in promotion sales of the products produced by the enterprise. Lack of or inadequate skills of marketing department or marketing in an enterprise will arise deficiencies in terms of competition and recognition if that enterprise does not have a certain background in the market. These enterprises will have to struggle on the backmost row in the market due to lack of marketing.

The aim of every enterprise is to have a voice in the current market or strengthen their positions. Therefore, the most important actions for this purpose are to give effort in recruiting experiences personnel in the marketing departments or do necessary works to establish marketing departments, if there is no such department.

In milling, marketing process starts by determining features of flour needed by bakeries and end consumers. Personnel in charge of marketing should determine formal features that flour needed must has by one-to-one dialogues with customers and make information archiving to submit them to the top management. Following this determination, wheat having necessary features for structure of flour to be produced should be purchased.

Consequently, in order to deliver flour which is the end product produced to consumers, it is required to work coordinately with the managerial staff at the marketing stage for necessary price and market investigations. Strategies set by the top management should be regarded as a goal for sales and development of product. Information disunities or confusions between the management and departments damage the discipline in the enterprise.

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