“Environment is not legacy! It is a consignation for next generations! Let’s create tomorrows nature from today!”

13 November 20186 min reading

Genc Değirmen has integrated nature-friendly energy systems into its production facility in order to provide a viable, clean environment for future generations. Pointing out that they built built the biggest solar power plant and made it the main source of energy, “With the photovoltaic panels located on the roof of our facility, now we provide all our electricity needs from this power plant. Our duty is not only to produce but also to create the most efficient, thrifty and environment friendly production systems to pay the world what we owe it,” said Kerim Selek, the Chairman of Executive Board of Genc Degirmen.


A. Kerim SELEK

Chairman of Executive Board of Genc Degirmen

Genc Değirmen, one of the leading companies in milling technology, made a big step in order to leave a greener world to the next generations and established the biggest building top solar power plant on the roof of its manufacturing facility. Genç Değirmen, which is one of the few companies investing in green energy,now started to provide all the electricity needs from that solar energy plant.

The recent tendency to the natural energy plants which is order of the day around the world, brought protection- based branding besides production-based branding. Genc Degirmen which opens up to the world by its vision, and keeps being innovative, became one of the short numbers of firms which made this huge step.

Genc Degirmen, which has built complete more than 350 milling systems in 54 countries around the world since 1990, now supplies the energy need of its systems by the solar power plant built on the rooftops of the production units that belongs to the firm. As one of the main purposes of Genc Degirmen is to create a viable environment to the future generations, it now has the greatest rooftop project of the area.

The people and other industries around the area can make use of the extra energy that is supplied by the firm, while the firm supplies the 100 percent natural energy. By that to contribute the widest area of nature that can be reached is aimed.

“Our duty is not only to produce but also to create the most efficient, thrifty and environment friendly production systems to pay the world what we owe it,” told by Kerim Selek, the Chairman of Executive Board of Genc Degirmen who also highlighted if there is demand from consumers and an available field, the solar power plants are in the exhibition too. Also “We have a collaboration protocol with Solimpeks which produces Turkey cantered renewable energy materials and grows rapidly” he added.

THE PLANT PROVIDES 1.6 MILLION kWh of ENERGY ANNUALLY Genc Degirmen built photovoltaic solar power panels all over the rooftops of production-based buildings to supply the energy needed by the firm and channelise the extra energy to the needy environment. By that, the firm contributes to the industry and life around it. The firm not only creates milling systems good enough for itself but also attributes value to the nature.

Able to produce 1MW per hour, the 3,456 systems which have HIT technology over 325 W power, created of monocrystal photovoltaic panels has been built and expected to produce 1,600,000 kWh energy per year. By that, electricity need of 600 houses will be supplied, approximately 1200 tonnes of carbon (CO2) and cycle will be blocked, and 85,000 trees will be saved.

We have interviewed Kerim Selek, Chairman of Executive Board of Genc Degirmen, about their energy saving investments as well as their activities and operations. Here are his answers to our questions:

Mr. Selek, can you give us some information aboutyour company? Genc Değirmen was established in 1990. We offer solutions for flour and semolina production facilities on the area of 30.000 square meters now. We exports to 54 countries thanks to our dealer network all over the world. Thanks to our machine park which we enriched with high technology, we realized error-free production in more than 350 projects, we continue to realize it. Thanks to our innovative thinking, we act with the idea of how we can contribute to our sector and we implement our planned activities step by step. And this Green Energy Project is one of them.

Can you tell us about your equipment that attract the most attention? Our foremost products were Quantiminox Stainless Plansifter with it’s easy maintainability suitable of food security rules, and fast assembly – disassembly operations specialities;

Treximat Roller-Mill with smart design for minimum vibration and noise and easy cleaning, low energy consumption and enable fast service (as Roller-Mill Roll disassemble by unscrew four screws) and remote to control by PLC systems;

Four Clean we designed this machine for make an operation Four Clean does the operations that can be done with four machines. The specifications of the machine are Separator, Dry Stoner, Air Canal and Gravity Separator.

FourClean takes less space. Triexta is our Trieur, with high efficiency sorting and works with minimum wheat wastage by the control part. These four machines were must request machines from our marketing department except our turnkey facilities.

Which are the regions with the highest demand for your products? Last year Africa and Central Asia regions were really active markets and thanks to our branches and representatives in these areas, our market share has become higher than last years.

You are also carrying out important projects on modernization of the facilities. Can you share your experience on this subject? A lot of millers planning to increase their capacities or change their equipment with brand new ones. New generation machineries and process lines big effects on producing costs. Last innovation attempts are the results of focusing on decreasing these producing costs.

What important issues in the milling industry do impact how equipment is designed and manufactured? Energy consumption and lack of qualified personnel issues are important criteria while designing new equipment. That’s why automation and energy saving is first priority issues; second thing, minimum spaces and high performance is another function while design milling equipment.

Machinery faults are an occasional thing also in milling plants. These plants are working with big tonnages and if plant stops to working, this is a loss for investor. That’s why we are working for long life and strong machinery producing and also for any possible unwanted faults we are designing our machines enable to fixing and servicing operations with take smallest time

Low energy consumption, minimum time loss for service and lubrication operations and as faultless working machinery designs are our priorities.

What are the most common things your clients are asking for help with to complete their new mills or expansions? Our clients are mostly asking about energy consumption for per tonne. Also, technical service, representative office, spare part guarantee, machinery designs (as to enable easy maintenance), delivery and commissioning periods are the most important criteria for our clients choosing us.

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